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 Dicing: All You Need To Know

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Dicing: All You Need To Know Empty
PostSubject: Dicing: All You Need To Know   Dicing: All You Need To Know Icon_minitimeApril 7th 2012, 5:12 pm

What is dicing?
Dicing is a form of gambling in where you the Better gives 'x' amount to the Host, the Host rolls a bag of dice selecting a random number from 1-100 (NOTE: There is no pattern in dicing, no matter what anyone says. Its a randomized number). Once in the same Clan Chat (a.k.a.: cc), the Host will roll the dice, if you win you get double your bet. Rules vary, which will be explained further.


What are the rules?
1. Absolutely NO refunds!
2. No making up rules on the spot!
3. 55 is a re-roll or gbs (give back stuff) no matter what!
4. If you dont agree with rules you are required to post a thread stating YOUR individual rules, it is the Better's responsibility to read the rules and abide by them.

DD (Dice Duel)

1. Absolutely NO refunds!
2. No making up rules on the spot!
3. Players will roll respectively (in order).
4. You will always play First to Three! If you play different you must post a thread stating your rules!

Reporting Scamming

I have been scammed, how do i get help?

You MUST have proof of scamming, no proof means no help. Proof must be in the form of trusted witnesses, a picture, or a video.
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Dicing: All You Need To Know
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